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Devyn has completely revolutionized the look and tone of my skin. After one facial and a generous amount of samples of the precise products for my skin, I can't believe how different my skin is. It's hydrated and clear. That's very important because when your skin is supple, it's youthful. I can't recommend Devyn enough. She's patient, kind, and an amazing clinician. - Leslie Osburn
Devyn is amazing!...She really cares about me and changes up my facial products each time...My skin"Glows "after seeing Devyn.My appearance is important in my work.Devyn adds to that!..Give it up for Devyn...Best,Michael:) - Michael
I've been coming to Devyn for several years now and one thing that makes her stand out above the rest is that she listens to her clients and their concerns so she can personalize the service for each individual. She is very intuitive and detailed-oriented, and I trust her judgement completely! Thanks again Devyn! - Katy N.
Devyn is very knowledgable and provides a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. - Anne C.
Devyn totally conquered an unsightly blemish for me! She's fabulous! - Jenn F.
Amazing facials!!! This is my fourth facial with Devyn and I have not been disappointed. I am finally on a 4-5 week routine because her facials are the BEST! - Robin T.
Relaxing environment, reasonable prices, knowledgable consultant! - Monique M.
I love Devyn McArthur! Definitely book your next appointment here! - Jennifer C.
Devyn gives the best facials and is an expert at waxing! I had avoided facials and waxing for years because it always seemed to ruin my skin, leaving me with breakouts, redness and irritation. I didn't know how wrong everyone else was until I had my first appointment with Devyn. You always walk away from a facial looking refreshed and glowing. Extractions and masks leave no irritation. There is no telltale redness from facial waxing, let alone any stray hairs or wax. Devyn is precise, super-knowledgeable and caring with her clients. Go see Devyn! - Jennifer P.
FANTASTIC FACIAL!! The best I've ever had. - Devi B.
I love Devyn McArthur! Definitely book your next appointment here! Devyn has been helping me with my very acne prone skin since March. I live in Washington so at the time she hasn't seen or touched my skin at all. I sent her pictures and and discussed my skin care routine, products I'm using, my activities and diet. She then sent me samples of Skin Script and Le Mieux along with some grapeseed oil. I bought the products she recommended and my skin cleared up. I was very happy! I then decided its time to get healthy and active so I started yoga. Not even a week after my skin went crazy. I sent Devyn pictures and told her what I did. She updated my skin care routine again and its getting better. I finally made it back to Cali for a visit so I made 2 appointments with her. Devyn is AMAZING!!! I've had quite a few facials in my lifetime since I have very troublesome skin and not once had I ever fallen asleep while getting extractions!!! There were a couple times I woke up due to the area she was working on. I am always awake during extractions because of the pain and I thought that was just a part of getting a facial. It was the most relaxing facial I've ever had... I just wanted to stay and sleep. Devyn knew I had sensitive and problem skin and she just knew not to force anything. I know for a fact that my skin will be much better if I had the opportunity to have Devyn take care of my skin by getting regular facials from her. But since I live so far I will just have to do with getting advice from her if things go crazy with skin. I'm honestly scared to get facial anywhere else... Devyn is amazing try her out see for yourself! You wont regret it! - Joann M.
Devyn makes getting a facial and eye brow wax incredibly special since her equipment and "eye-for-details" is so skillfully honed. She's a perfectionist and therefore, your outcome will be exceptional. Thanks again Devyn, for a wonderful experience. - Patricia M.
I had an email consultation with Devyn after stumbling across her blog and it has totally changed how I approach my skincare. She has a wealth of information and her passion for the skincare is really evident. She spent a lot of time going over my current regimen and explained why certain ingredients in some of my products weren't doing me any favors. I only wish I lived close enough to get a facial from her! - Jillian H.
Devyn is amazing! I have always dreaded facial extractions but Devyn calmed my fears. Not only was it a great facial but I got a lot of tips. Can’t wait for my next appointment. - Laura P.
I love Devyn McArthur! Definitely book your next appointment here! - Lynn H.
Devyn was, well, AMAZING. This was my first facial, so of course I was a little wary as to how it was going to go. I first came in for a consultation and after those 30 minutes, I knew I could trust her with my skin. As Devyn already knows, I'm suuuper particular with my skin and am sort of hard on myself about it. She informed me about things I should and shouldn't do, both during and after the facial. I was relaxed the entire time and knew a few minutes in I made the right decision with who was actually dealing with my skin. I wish I knew I had prior facial experience, just so I could compare hers to other, but at the same time I am so grateful that my first time was with someone as caring and experienced as Devyn! - David K.
I definitely recommend Devyn! She not only addressed my skin problems but took the time to explain why my skin was doing what it was doing and how I could fix it. Finally, someone who makes sense!! And when she said that she was going to email me with some information...she did! My skin looks great after just one facial and I'm already looking forward to my next one. - Kate S.
Devyn McArthur of Skin by Devyn is amazing! My face has never looked better. I have had some pretty bad experiences with facials in the past. Every facial I had before Devyn, I broke out for weeks after and my face looked worse than before I went in. My skin is not that sensitive and I only get minor breakouts here and there, but because of these experiences, I was planning to never get a facial again. Devyn assured me though it would be different and she was right. I think it's due to her gentle processes, her experience and her high quality products. She is also very knowledgeable about skincare and products. I learned so much about my skin and ways I can better take care of it. I would highly recommend Devyn to anyone. - Kim C.
Thank you Devyn: this facial was so inspiring to me to take better care of my skin under your management. You are really good at what you do. Now I can control the dry skin I was having and slow down the aging process. Thanks to you ! - Laura D.
Devyn McArthur is awesome. It has been a few weeks since my first facial and my skin is looking awesome. Her recommendations have made such a difference in my skin. I cannot wait to go back. Definitely book your next appointment here! - Jaime B.
Devyn did a great job. Not only is the facial great, but she had a lot of recommendations for my skin care at home. I highly recommend! - Susie R.
Devyn is great. I have had a facial and regularly make appointments for waxing. She is very knowledgeable and just fun to be with. I definitely recommend her!! - Bridgette G.
Devyn's facials are wonderful! Especially the Ultimate Acne Facial. I found that she genuinely cares about my skin & freely gave me tons of advice about my skincare routine. She isn't pushy, but the products she sells are really amazing & well priced! She has become my go-to girl when my skin needs some TLC. - Crystal A.
GREAT facial and very professional, friendly, inviting atmosphere! I also got my brows done and they were perfect... plus they didn't grow back in for 5 full weeks! - Audrey O.
Devyn was fabulous! Such a relaxing an customized facial. I can't wait to go back! - Elise L.
I love Devyn McArthur! Definitely book your next appointment here! Saw results from my first appt! - Brandi M.
I love Devyn McArthur! My facial was amazing! Thank you so much. It was just what I needed. Definitely recommend her! - Jen B.
Once again it's Devyn to the rescue! Ever since i stumbled across her at Salon Gisele about 6 weeks ago for a "random" eye brow tint, she's been whipping my skin into shape! Yesterday it was to deal with an especially stubborn (& painful) chin blemish., which is already looking much better I must say. Thankfully Devyn's skincare knowledge, touch & products have changed my over-exfoliated 50+ yr old skin into a more youthful, hydrated version of my earlier self! Can't wait to see what a few more weeks/months under her care will bring. THANK YOU DEVYN! - Katy N.
I love Devyn McArthur! Definitely book your next appointment here! - Anum L.
I love Devyn! I've been to a lot of places over the years for facials but no one has taken the time to teach me the details about skin like Devyn. I learned so much in our time together and I can't wait to go back. And she wasn't pushy about her products either. In fact, she gave me some samples with clear, written explanations on how to use them. So far I am loving them, especially the grapeseed oil. Her passion for skin care and people shows and I'm happy I found her. - Mary M.
I love Devyn McArthur! Definitely book your next appointment here! She makes you look and feel great. Devyn takes her time to educated you and customizes each treatment based on your needs. Love her. - Kelly B.
My skin really suffered while I was pregnant. My pregnancy "glow" was hidden under breakouts and redness. I wouldn't go anywhere without first putting on my makeup. But Devyn dramatically improved my skin with a series of customized facials that took into account the limitations of my pregnancy. She is extremely knowledgable and thoughtful about skincare, and deeply cares about her clients; she even contacted me after every facial to see how my skin was doing! Now, my skin feels fantastic, and I don't mind leaving the house with just some moisturizer and sunscreen! I recommend Devyn to all of my friends and family! - Haileu K.
I have had nothing but wonderful service from Devyn! Her waxing skills are great; she effectively removes all of the hair without leaving me too red or causing me to break out. I would highly recommend her to any of my family and friends! - Ashleigh L.
GREAT facial services! Plus, Devyn gives good advice on how to take care of your skin.... her advice isn't just product recommendations, but so much more. It shows that she really cares and loves her job! - Audrey O.
Devyn is amazing! I had not had a facial in about 8 months & I was long overdue. I immediately felt like Devyn was a pro. She took her time & really pampered my skin. She also gave me tons of great tips on skin care & what I could change in my routine to better my skin. After only the first 24 hours I noticed a big difference. I will definitely be back & will recommend her to all of my friends! - Crystal A.
As a guy, I was a hesitant to get a facial but Devyn made me feel very comfortable. Nothing left me smelling like flowers so I liked that. I will definitely be back for another facial and I will be sending my wife her way as well. - Joe D.
I love Devyn McArthur! Definitely book your next appointment here! I had a facial from Devyn a few weeks ago and my skin has never looked better! She explains the process, provides a comfortable and relaxing environment and works wonders! I thought i had problem skin bbut now know most of the products I was using were actually damaging my skin. I loved the quality of the products she uses. I'm not one to usually pamper myself but after visiting Devyn this is something I will definitely continue! I'm also booking an appt for my teen daughter so she can feel this great about her skin too! Thank you Devyn! - Cynthia M.
Devyn is absolutely the best esthetician and I highly recommend her services. She has a wonderful personality, with a kind and caring manner and I enjoyed working with her immensely. In fact, after two sessions with Devyn I won't be going anywhere. I had a body wrap with a relaxing facial and it was a blissful experience. Devyn offers a full range of services and she is always learning something new for the benefit of her clients. She is truly passionate about skin care and it shows! Plus, her prices are reasonable and the salon is beautiful, with other services available such as hair cutting, etc. - Jerra M.
I got a Body Scrub from Devyn and I loved it! I went because my legs are always dry and I thought this would help. It did! Ever since I got the scrub (2 weeks ago!), my legs don't feel or look dry anymore. The experience was very relaxing and enjoyable too. I've also gotten facials and my skin looks so healthy. Can't wait to go back! - M. R.
Devyn is awesome because she is knowledgable and always makes my skin look great. Unlike with other estheticians, I don't have to worry about a lot of "recovery time" because is effective without being overly aggressive with my skin. Love her! - Serra B.
My mom went to Devyn for a facial and took me to her for a full leg waxing and eyebrows. It was awesome! I wanna come in every week. Thanks Devyn (and mom) - Hayley C.

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