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Time marches on and before you realize, it's marched right across your face!

- Dolly Parton

Not sure what your skin needs? This is the facial for you! Relax and enjoy yourself. Based on your skin type and needs, I will customize a facial that will rid you of dull, lifeless skin and leave you with a youthful glow.

New Client? We will go gentle on you for your first treatment so that I can get to know your skin and how it works with my products. Don’t worry though, you will still see and feel a difference!

Monthly anti-aging facials help combat intrinsic aging by increasing collagen production, helping your skin regain elasticity and by shedding dead skin cells.

This facial will be customized to fit your skin needs and skin type plus target acne and breakouts. A Cranberry Turnover Peel will help resurface and refine skin and pores, remove oil and debris and protect from bacterial infections. You will feel this one so it isn’t for everyone (I will adjust for your skin type). It will include a Blemish Clear Mask that is a deep cleansing anti-inflammatory blemish control treatment. You will leave looking like you just had a relaxing spa treatment! Also great for teens!

Is your skin dry, flaky or dull? This complete moisture infusion immediately relieves dry, dehydrated skin. Specially formulated with anti-aging ingredients and the most stable Vitamin C (MAP), the mask brightens dull skin and provides a unique cooling sensation.. Customized to fit your skin type and needs. This is a great facial for everyone! This serum mask can be used again so you get to take it home and use it again!

If you love Microdermabrasion, you will love this facial! Used on wet skin, this is the newest in Microdermabrasion and will leave your skin visibly soft, radiant and glowing. Perfect for all skin types and specifically designed for: Dull Skin, Age Management, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Skin-Smoothing and Hyperpigmentation. After just one treatment your skin will improve but a minimum of six treatments is recommended for those looking for skin correction.

This facial quickly became a favorite! Let’s blast those pores! They are dirty and clogged because of all the sunscreen, heat and increased oil production. And for those that have oily skin, there will be even more clogged pores and dead skin. This treatment includes a mild lactic peel and Ultrasonic Exfoliation (activated by sound waves at 28,000 vibrations per second that helps with lifting dry cells and hydrating the skin). You will love how clean and healthy your skin feels!

Is your skin dry, flaky or irritated? This complete moisture infusion immediately relieves dry, dehydrated, red and stressed skin. Customized to fit your skin type and needs. This is a great facial for everyone!

Get your glow on the go! Relaxing and hydrating for your skin. This does include extractions!

Great for teens 13-17. Great for teens 13-17. A facial with an introduction to an easy to follow home-care regimen.
Medication isn’t always the answer. Many of my clients are now off their meds because they are using proper skin care and getting regular facials. These steps can make a difference.

Customized for your needs. This will relax you and rejuvenate your skin so that you can show your back proudly.

Got bacne? Come in for a free consultation to see what I can do for you!

Don't be afraid! Come on in and be treated like a King (It can be our little secret...). It's just as important for a man to care for his skin as it is for a woman. Most men actually have sensitive skin so it's important to treat it well.

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